Just keep bubbling...

     I strive to make refined, high quality pottery that enhances peoples’ homes and kitchens and are used and loved daily. The process of creating my art is meditative and very fulfilling. While all my pieces are thrown and textured with precision, the glazing part of my process brings a lot of uncertainty in the shapes and intensity the bubbles might create. The glazing technique I use for my pieces is meant to mimic the qualities of marble and wood. I mix glaze with a bit of dish soap and blow with a straw to create bubbles which pop against the piece and create distinct lines and swirls, similar to the veining in marble.
     My love for nature is the primary inspiration for my work. Nature-inspired work is often considered with earthy, simple, or even crude at times. My goal is to break that stereotype by making work that is elevated yet still inspired by humble, everyday materials such as wood or stone. We use utensils and dishes every day out of necessity. Eating food and drinking water is a very ordinary occurrence, but my hope is to use my work to turn it into a special and meaningful experience.

© 2019 by Hedy Yang.

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