I started taking ceramics in high school to fulfill a class requirement, and the studio quickly became my sanctuary and the place I would go to play hooky from my other classes (sorry to all my teachers). In college, I majored in ceramics and started

Hedy Yang Ceramics as a way to document my process and share my art.



Hedy Yang Ceramics is an eponymous small business that was created from a strong desire to create meaningful, handcrafted work with an emphasis on detail and quality. I produce both functional wares and decorative work to elevate simple experiences like drinking coffee in your kitchen or refreshing your flower vases. Often inspired by nature, the goal is to take very grounded ideas and moments in time, such as a sunset, and repackage them into whimsical, luxurious works of ceramic art. 


Over the last few years, I've documented everything in my creative process from start to finish for social media and my work has been featured by several major social media outlets such as InsiderArt, Buzzfeed, Elle Decor, and many others. The videos have amassed over 60 million views total on Facebook.

To see more of my day-to-day work and stay up to date with Etsy restocks, check out my Instagram page!